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 Reed books, softcover 1978. Cover painting Sentry Biot by Jim Burns
  "In MECHANISMO the future has come. In MECHANISMO intergalactic space travel has arrived, biotic robots are a thing of the present, space ports to service the stars and planets are real, space cities are inhabited, fantastic machines, time machines, battle robots and massive computers exist here and now. 
In MECHANISMO you can see a gaussi fighter in full colour and then as an engineer's technical drawing with the armaments, drive power and all specifications given in great detail. Here you will discover the most startling machines illustrated specially for the book: troop carriers, personnel craft, giant time machines, a computer that would fill an entire city and cities built in the image of man, visited by alien races. You will see too the technical drawings for an actual planned NASA space colony, twenty five miles long and two miles in diameter. 
In MECHANISMO you become part of the future and can live through the illustrations in worlds that may one day exist."

That awkward moment when you discover that your collection of rare books and comics has risen more in value than your (audience laughs) pension portfolio.

"Mechanismo" (1978) is a collection of artwork, by several artists, related to known sci-fi stories....and for a great part: Drawings of sci-fi stories that never have been written. The latter are brilliant examples of artwork with captions  more than hinting that they are part of an existing sci-fi universe....and that those stories probably are going to be the best you ever read!

Unfortunately this is not the case and I have been frustrated because of that ever since.

If anyone ever decides to actually write "Gaussi" novels....I shall guild his poo!

My precious.
Front cover by Jim Burns
A good example of the made-up (!) Gaussi universe.
Picture by Jim Burns
by Angus McKie
Plan printout of Gaussi Fighter "Little Nell"
(same as on front cover)
by Brian Lewis
by Bob Layzell.
by Bob Layzell.

by Colin Hay

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