Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mountains Of The Moon

I don`t understand why they don`t show this movie on TV every week...

"Mountains Of The Moon" (1990) is the story of the explorers Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke seeking the source of the Nile in the 1850s.

One of my favorite scenes: The epic battle at the beach

The title refers to a legendary mountain (range) in east Africa at the source of the Nile. A Greek merchant, Diogenes, claimed to have found that source. He reported that the Niles water was flowing from massive mountains into a series of large lakes (and on)  and that the locals called the mountains "Mountains Of The Moon" because of their glacier-caps

The Greek, and later the Romans, thought this was true and in modern times several European explorers tried to identify those mountains.

Anyway, the MOVIE "Mountains of the Moon" is based on the biographical Novel "Burton and Speke" (1982) by William Harrison.

(A book I still need to read..or listen to as Audio book, what- or whichever comes first.)

I love this movie: The description of the two very different characters who have very few things in common except their upper class upbringing in Victorian Britain and their military background is brilliant.....but....what really takes me away is are the pictures, the settings and the soundtrack.

It is hard for me to watch this movie without catching travel fever.

I wish I had seen this film in cinema...where it belongs!

Here is the trailer;

Director: Bob Rafelson

Richard Francis Burton: Patrick Bergin

Iain Glen: John Hanning Speke

Richard E. Grant: Larry Oliphant

Fiona Shaw: Isabel Arundell (Mrs Burton as from 1861)

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  1. Read the book, long time ago, loved it, and promptly watched the movie.

    I can say that mountains of the moon, along with shadow and darknes, are two of my favourite films ever...