Sunday, May 1, 2016

Until The End Of The World

The world is about to end but no one seems to care...

(Personal opinion ahead)

Until The End Of The World is probably one of the best movies/mini-series ever made. It combines several genres with the main, underlying Science Fiction theme as the main denominator.

To be fair: The mix of genres is sometimes successful and sometimes it is not. The vaudevillian slapstick in a Japanese "shoe box" hotel is toe curling bad...but mostly I love this movie because of its ability to induce "wanderlust" in pretty much everybody seeing this movie in its 3 parts.

Following the protagonist Claire around the world as she tracks down a man she has helped escape from an aboriginal bounty hunter in France and who is carrying a camera "that can make pictures blind people can see", is mind blowing.

The movie culminates in the outback of Australia as the paths of pretty much everyone Claire meets on her journey cross....and the world finally comes to an end: And nobody seems to care as they arrange their lives and ego in a secret research facility in an aboriginal reservation.

The movie has a lot of involuntary moments because of the tech, fashion and social structures predicted by a 1991 film instructor imagining a 1999.

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