Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fish On Fire!

I like to take a can of tuna with me on our hikes: It can be eaten cold, the cans have a comfortable size,  it tastes awesome with yogurt and Sambal Oelek on knäcke or rye bread.....and: It makes an awesome stove!
Tuna eaten but still a lot of oil left.
The wick: A 2-3 cm wide strip of cardboard. You can also use toilet
paper rolled into a "rope".

Roll the wick in to a spiral and let it soak in oil for some minutes.
Set the wick on fire. I put the tuna can into the fire base of my Kelly Kettle.
It smells fishy...
The stove burns hot and soon the water in the Kelly Kettle boils.
DO NOT extinguish the fire with water. Simply put a/the lid over and it
will go out after a few seconds. You will be surprised how much oil is left
and how many times you can use the same "stove".

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