Sunday, November 27, 2016

Improvised Bicycle Tyre

Allegedly this method was used by French refugees during World War 2, I will try to find a picture or other documentation to confirm this....

However, since our bikes play a vital role in several of our bug-out scenarios I decided to test this method.

I found the instruction in the worlds best book: "The Ashley`s Book of Knots"

My bicycle in "everyday" mode.

I hope I don`t regret this..

I stick the line through the hole for the valve.

Now crate a loop out of a thinner line and place it under the first.
Run the line around the wheel opposite to the direction the wheel will turn.

Start with 2-3 turns for the bottom layer.

3-4 turns for the middle layer.

And again 2-3 turns for the top layer.

Now use the loop to pull the rest of the line UNDER the bottom layers.

Does it work? 

Yes,but riding your bike with one of these improvised tyres will eventually be hard on your wheel/spokes. But its a good way to prevent damage to your wheel when you have to push your bike over a longer distance.

Conclusion: Good to know how it`s done, but ONLY as a last ditch method!

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