Monday, November 28, 2016

The Field Well

A Field Well is both a seep and Improvised Water Filter :

By allowing the water to filter through the earth AND the field wells filtering layer you greatly reduce your chance of ingesting germs.

Find a area with moist earth/muddy earth, you will find these easily at the slope of hills or mountains (low lying areas in general), and dig a funnel like hole until water starts to seep into the hole.

Place a bucket/barrel, with holes in the bottom or without bottom, in the hole and fill it with at least 30 cm of pebbles and sand.

This layer will work as filter and will remove most particles.

Scoop out the muddy/dirty water as is appears in the well until the water is clear, this can take some time but will result in clean water...and probably the best you ever tasted!

But I recommend to boil or SODIS the water if you have the means to do so! Filtering well water instead of surface water will also extend your filters lifespan.

A well like this will attract wildlife, so putting a lid over it is a good idea otherwise it is a good idea to scoop most of the water out of the well and allow it to fill again before drinking.

(On the plus side you will find that your well will become a great spot to catch animals.)

It took me HOURS to make this drawing with MS paint if you have to steal it: At least give me the credit for it mkay?


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