Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Poncho Rain Catcher

To collect rainwater is the easiest way to get drinking water.
It is also the cleanest water, depending on local pollution standards, you can get your hands on when you have to be creative to keep your supply flowing.
There are not many disadvantages to this method except...well...it has to rain!
Also: Rain water becomes foul very fast, so it is almost for instant consumption only.
Stretching a poncho out between some trees is the best method in my opinion: The poncho serves as shelter and rain catcher.

My 2 sqm poncho stretched out.

I tied a bottle to the ponchos head hole. Notice that I used two
strings: One to tie the bottle to the poncho, another to "crimp" the
poncho around the bottles mouth.

And it rains...

This is why I crimped the poncho over the bottles mouth: The water
drips directly into the bottle and not down the sides.

30 minutes of rain = 1 L of water.

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