Sunday, December 4, 2016

Burning Sands

The amount of energy stored in liquid fuels is amazing, a very small amount gives a lot more heat/light than most solid fuels.
This is probably why we have been so stupid to base modern society on that stuff....
The use of gasoline or diesel for survival/prepper purposes is generally ignored since it is ASSUMED that liquid hydrocarbon fuels will be rarer than officers sweat (which is the rarest substance in the universe!) after an apocalyptic event.
It is true that gasoline will be useless for the use in high-end combustion engines after weeks or months (depends on how long it has been stored before your purchased it) since the lighter chemicals added to the fuel evaporate. But you will be able to use it in a more forgiving (simple) engine.
 In some cases the  hydrocarbons (in your fuel)  react with oxygen and produce some new things....most definitely not the fuel you started out with. Using this gunk for fuel, even in the most forgiving engine, is a very bad idea since it will clog up all filters and nozzles.
But in both cases liquid hydrocarbons can still be used for heat/light!
Burning liquid fuel can be done with a wick but I prefer the sand/fuel method since it is:
- hassle free (the wick dropping into the fuel)
- sand/fuel lamps or stoves are easier to move and extinguish....and SAFER.

A beer can lamp running on sand and gasoline

I added 15 ml of gasoline into the sand (In my Kelly Kettle fire base).

Ten seconds after ignition.

30 seconds after ignition.

The flame is very hot and is spread over a large area...making it perfect for
the Kelly Kettle!
The sand/fuel combination works well in
a Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove
The beer can lamp.

10 ml of fuel = 40 minutes of light.

A sooty affair! You simply extinguish the flame by putting
some sand over it.


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