Saturday, December 3, 2016

Caches - Can You Dig It?

Burying smaller amounts of supplies (caches) is a good idea and you should have at least 3 caches within a 5 km radius of your home/base.

Obviously several caches along your preferred evacuation route is a great idea:

- you increase your speed and mobility

- you will be able to evacuate without the stocks at your home/base if compromised

- having several discreet points along your evacuation route will be a psychological help on your hike
  ("only to the next point and I rest, only to the next point and I rest")

- the places you chose for your caches will, because of their location, be ideal resting points or camp sites

Digging a hole to bury a plastic container, home made or bought, is very popular amongst preppers/survivalists but it is actually the least ideal solution:

- you can mark it as much as you want, differences in temperature and moisture will create a shift in the ground moving your cache with up to 10 cm a month.

- frozen ground during winter means that you need a serious entrenchment tool to get to your container of goodies. That's a disadvantage because that means additional 2 kg to your bug out bag.
And if you had to leave/evacuate without any equipment or bug out bag you will find out how "fun" it is to scrape in frost hard earth with a digging stick.

- containers made out of PVC piping are popular because they are cheap and easy to make but are vulnerable to frost and will get brittle over time

- the cycle of freezing/thawing ground will create pressure differences around the container rendering the container brittle.

- not many, I am not one of them, can have caches without digging them up from time to time just to see how they are. Increasing the odds for observation.

Personally I prefer a hunters cache: It is a open cache where the items you bury won`t have any contact with the surrounding ground.

It may be an "open" cache but it is suitable for the storage of ammunition or items stored in sacks or cardboard boxes. The one you can see on the picture has been used by the Danish resistance fighters during the Nazi occupation.

Also:  It allows you to access the cache when you want to add something or just want to check up on the contents.


It took me HOURS to make this drawing with MS paint if you have to steal it: At least give me the credit for it mkay?

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