Sunday, December 25, 2016

Coping With Cold

Cold kills faster than dehydration or starvation.

So of course shelter and warmth should be your number one priority. Unfortunately ,even in our days, a roof over your head does not guarantee that you will make it through a winter. Many persons in Europe die of exposure in their own 4 walls every year because they can not afford fuel/heat to keep them alive.

Or because commodities like heating, water or electricity can not longer be provided because those who make the wheels turn are dead or otherwise hindered in doing their job.

An apartment cools out completely after ca 24 hours an it will be very hard to get it back to its prior temperature without using a lot of energy you do not have access to in a SHTF scenario.

But there are ways to keep you comparable warm in your apartment/house without using much more than your body heat and everyday household items.

Create Sections

The one thing you want to keep warm are the bodies in your place, do you really want to warm the walls and windows? Not really, so cut them off the heat supply by hanging beds sheets or ANYTHING ELSE that will stop or slow an exchange of hot and cold air.

You will be surprised how large the temperature difference is between two rooms,  divided with a simple bed sheet!

Hang your sheets (or whatever you have at hand) close to the walls without them making contact.

If you have a tent; Pitch it and create a "warm room" for yourself, if you do not have a tent: Build a fort with sheets/blankets stretched over furniture and string.

The whole idea is to minimize the volume of air you need to heat.

Beware of open fire:

- if you use a portable gas heater: REMEMBER TO VENTILATE! Even a gas heater uses oxygen.

- using GRILLS to heat your place will kill you. because of carbon monoxide poisoning.Period.

- yes you can heat a room with candles, but the amount of candles, the  soot produced and oxygen consumed far outweigh the benefits!

- pressurized petroleum lamps should NOT BE USED INDOORS.

Passive heating:

The best way is to heat a space using methods not using oxygen: Electrical heaters (if you have power), taking curtains off during sunshine hours or taking hot bricks out of a fire and taking them inside.

(That will be the advent of the advent of the warming pans for beds)

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