Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Enter The Monkey Fist

The Monkey Fist knot is usually tied at the end of a rope to make it (the rope) easier to throw ashore.

But in recent years the Monkey Fist has become near-legendary in survivalist circles as "traditional sailor weapon" 

Monkey Fists ARE dangerous....

Well, I can not vouch for that but I can guarantee you that a weighted Monkey Fist is a game changer:

- It is easy to use (if you keep it short!)

- Thanks to the centripetal force even a relative light Monkey Fist has a massive "UMPF" 

- It puts you 50 cm from where the fight is

- It is easy to make and the materials are widely available

I  made this little demo on how to make a Monkey Fist with filling (a 400 g stone)


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