Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Improvised Water Filter

Instructions on how to make a water filter are legion. Typically the use of a bottle or can/tin is advised. However for this model I use the bark of a birch which you easily can peel of a tree.
Since this is only a demonstration I cut the bark from some of my firewood instead of cutting into a live tree.
Cut a square piece of birch bark, the one I cut here is already
on the border of being too small to be flexible. 30 x 30 cm or bigger is ideal.

Be careful not to make any holes.

Roll the bark into a cone.

Secure it with a knot, I like to use the Constrictor Knot

Put a larger pebble inside to block the bottom.

Follow up with some smaller pebbles.

Fill with sand, about 1/4 of the cones length.

Follow up with a layer of charcoal from your last fire.

Another layer of sand/

Charcoal again for the last layer: Ready to go
A nice, clean pond nearby.

Pouring water and making pictures at the same time!
Who said men couldn`t multitask?!

The good thing about a wide necked bottle: The filter does not need extra support.

As clean as it gets 😁

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