Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Knives - The Bosun Knife

Don`t get me wrong: A good knife is an essential part of any survival gear. But personally I don`t quite understand the obsession with knives...for me a knife is a tool but not much more.
I need and use knifes for my professional life on board a SAR (Search And Rescue) vessel and I also own other knives: But apart from my over priced SwissTool (which I barely use) they all are working knifes.
As for this knife: It is the WICHARD Bosun Knife and has been my favourite tool for many years now
A thick, sharp, full tang blade. What`s not to like?
The tip is blunted to prevent accidental stabbing accidents on board
a moving ship or could lead to embarrassing moments if I punctured
our Rescue Crafts air chambers by accident. Ups!
The second best feature: The handle glows in the dark!
A better/closer picture of the blades serration.
(I am rubbish as photographer!)

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