Sunday, December 11, 2016

Playing With Matches - The Micro Torch

"Micro torches" are essentially matches with a wax cover to make them burn brighter, hotter and longer.

They are cheap, easy to make and perfect as fire starter or light source.

You can also make micro torches out of "normal" size matches, but I prefer fire place matches.

Melt some candles or wax granules, do it outside if possible..the smell is not all to pleasant.
Worried about your pot? Wax can be easily washed off with boiling water!

The melted candles.

Dip the end of the match in wax (no, not the end with the match head) take it out 
and wait until the wax hardens. Repeat until you have a 2-3 mm thick layer of wax.
PS: You can waterproof the match head by dipping it briefly into wax)

Ignition! This is how the micro torch looks like after one minute.

...after 3 minutes...

...after 5 minutes.

The micro torch is ideal as fire starter.

I guess the pictures talk for themselves ☺

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