Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Project Mjølner - The Zombie War Hammer.


Home built "Zombie Hammers" or "Zombie Pummel Pipes" made out of plumbing parts were all the rage two-three years ago.
A Zombie Nerd myself I also like the idea a lot but was turned off by the materials used:

Plumbing parts rust very fast and are hard to keep clean, for me as a sailor that was a no-go.
Also: Having all this volume at hand (!) and not being able to use it for boiling water, that just seemed as a terrible waste. But the cast iron plumbing parts were all covered in oil and..as mentioned above: Rust very fast.
So, when I stumbled over some bronze piping I liberated the needed bits and pieces from my ships Engine Room (I paid the usual export tax for Non-Engineers: All the chocolate I could find).
`nuff said! Enjoy the pictures!

Pretty isn`t it? I called it  Mjølner because of the short handle: Mjølners handle was so short
 because Loke (Nordic half god of mischief) sabotaged Sindre and Broks effort to....
oh well, look it up yourself!
I kept the handle short because of practical reasons.

A 1" plug
I used a 1" to 3/4" reducer and then again a 3/4" to 1/2" reducer so I could fit a 1/2" end plug.
The 20 cm handle is closed of with a 1" cap

The 1" handle offers a lot of place for equipment


The 1" handle offers a lot of place for equipment
or 500 ml of water.

Aaaand it holds water!

It looks neat, but can I boil water in it?
YES! 😁
PS:  Yes, yes .. I know: Not the usual dead serious Survivalist topic But being on the other side of forty is not preventing me from playing.

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