Friday, December 2, 2016

The Blazing Tampon

This is one of my favourites: A true Otzen-classic and probably the most useful party-trick you ever learn.

You can make a fire by taking a tampon, adding ash and roll it between two even surfaces.
The friction,caused by the rolling, will heat the tampon and it will eventually start to burn (or at least develop an ember)

It does not HAVE to be a tampon or ashes for that matter: Any fibrous material will do.
As for substituting the ash with something else: Anything that could cause a dust explosion can be used (I made it work with pepper)

 This is, admitted, not the first choice of making fire out in the field. You probably have more matches than tampons in your kit.

 But for a prisoner, for whatever reason incarcerated, it can be the only way to start a fire.
No matter if used to light a cigarette or to start a nifty prison riot in order to escape.
(And if your cell-mate has dreadlocks: BONUS!)

Come closer gents, don`t be scared: It`s just a tampon!

I keep ash from my last fire in a tinderbox.

That should be enogh.

Place the tampon and ash between to even surfaces and start moving back/forth.
This causes the tampon to roll and develop heat. It does not have to
be cardboard: You can also do this by rolling the tampon
between a floor and a shoes sole


After 1-2 minutes

a bit of oxygen and...

...ok, a bit MORE of oxygen...

...and we have fire!!

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