Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Foxhole Radio

Foxhole Radios work without batteries but use the "power of airwaves". I always liked the idea to have a power independent radio. So I decided to build a Foxhole Radio out of items I can find in my house or can expect to find in any other average household, without buying the items included in a shop.

It seemed so simple..but turned out to be a bit challenging:

There a literally hundreds of instructions on how to make a Foxhole Radio, but I could not get it to work with the materials available...or its just me.

But then SUPERBOY came and saved the day!

Even a retard like me could understand the instruction given by him, I had to improvise a bit though:

-Instead of  cotton clad wire I just used ordinary wire from old cables, I gave it a coat with resin for violin bows (Yes, I play..) I just had to be careful that the wire was resin free on the connection points. Hairspray or bee wax also works fine!

- I had to make the razor blade "blue" by holding it into a candle flame until it...well...turned BLUE.

Btw: This also works with a RUSTY razor blade! I guess that`s good to know....

Enough of my yapping! I give the word to the Boy-Of-Steel....he explains it far better than I ever will be able to!

And here the results: I manage to get a local radio FM station playing ABBA 😀

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