Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Improvised Backpack

You can improvise a backpack out of almost anything; From curtains over sheets of plastic to tarps.

I really like that solution since its cheap, easily made and very comfortable to carry, well unless you roll to many things into the place where your neck is going to be.

I like to use my hammock/tarp for this type of backpack.

A good, old military blanket to keep me warm.

A survival plastic bag to keep me out of wind and rain.

I will be gone for 2 days, so I pack some clothes.

And pack it as small as possible...

...using a method...

...I learned in the Danish Navy...

...to have ready-sets of clothes...


...into the size of socks.


Heavy items like cans go to the two ends.

Moose Soup...everything a big boy needs.

Radio/Charger and toothbrush.

Cookies for morale.

Now we roll....

Close the ends with string.

A good idea is to create sections with strings and a slipknot so the 
don`t shift.


It is a very comfortable rig considered that it is improvised.
As long you remember to pack soft items where your neck
and shoulders are!

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