Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Tree Bark Bread ( aka "Survival Bread")

This is, strictly speaking, not a "survival bread" but just a method (taught to me during field training) to substitute flour with tree bark and ground, wild seeds.

I use my old mess tin for it, but thick walled cans can also be used!

My trusty mess tin.

I start by making a rasp to get bark "flour".
For this you need a jam jar with lid.

Punch a lot of holes in the lid.

This creates a lot of holes with jagged edges: A perfect rasp!

Rasping the bark of a spruce.
( I asked for permission first!!)
Voila! Spruce "flour"!

I also have a lot of "flour" made from birch bark, so I just add it.

Now we take real flour and dry yeast.
I could go out in the field to gather wild seeds and grind them into
flour, but I am lazy and use flour from the shop.

It does not HAVE to be dry yeast, you can also use Sodium Carbonate.

All ingredients on board!

Add water until the dough is firm but sticky.

Make your hands wet to prevent the dough from sticking to your fingers.

Put the dough in the mess tin with plenty of space to all sides.
Make sure the sides are covered by a thin layer of leftover flour.

All set!

In the fire you go!
Cover the whole thing with a layer of embers.
Wait 25-30 minutes.

And we have bread!

Probably the best tasting bread you ever had!
Because its made in a camp fire, THAT`S WHY!

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