Monday, December 19, 2016

The Survival Hammock

This has been called a "Survival Hammock" several places on the interwebz but I know it as a improvised rack/shelf/storage in Submarines and Missile Torpedo boats.

But you can definitely also use it as a the UNLIKELY event that you have 15 m of rope but nothing else ☺

If you prefer videos to pictures: Just scroll to the bottom of this page, I linked a video I made
The survival hammock used in anger with a tarp or
attache to the head line.

The improvised ("Survival") hammock.

Start with a bowline...

...and stretch the rope over to another tree.

Do a friction lock...

...and run the rope 70-100 cm lower down.

Now lead the rope back to the first tree and back again
so you have two parallel lines.

Create a mesh by criss crossing the rope diagonally.

To make the hammock more stable/comfortable: Run the last rope
over/under the mesh.
Nap time!

I also made this tutorial video: It is my first time I try this, so bear with me!

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