Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Transpiration Bag

An easy and effective way to get clean drinking water is to use a Transpiration Bag:

Take a larger plastic bag and put it over a leafy branch which will be exposed to sun for most of the day (pointing South) and close it with cord, zip tie or whatever is at hand.

The important thing is that the bag is sealed tightly around the branch.

It is a very good idea to shake the branch before that so you will get rid of most bugs, dead leaves and debris.

If the only plastic bags you have are smaller or not clear: Use them anyway! This method will work no matter what! And if you only have a bunch of smaller know what to do right? (RIGHT?!)

Shake the branch to get rid of the worst debris, bugs and dead leaves and put over your plastic bag.
Seal the plastic bag around the branch with cord, a zip tie or by tying the corners of the bag together.
It is 1030 in the morning when I made this picture.

And here we are at 1730.

I`d say we are looking at 120-150 ml of clean water.
The debris in the corner is just bits and pieces of the branch: Adds taste:-)

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