Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cooking With The Dutch Oven

I just got my Fire Pot (or "Dutch Oven") recently and am already wondering why this was not one of the first things I purchased, when I started preparing!
The Dutch Oven is a thick walled, cast iron pot designed to make food in over a fire. It is perfect for larger groups and probably lasts several generations (what happened to the profession "Tinker"??)

So it is ideal for the far sighted survivalist/prepper knowing that there comes a time when the freeze dried food runs out and some serious street cooking has to be done.
I had some time playing with my new toy and managed to burn a lot of holes in the lawn and annoy/alienate most of my neighbours (which is not necesarily something negative) and managed to produce some tasty dishes.
Here is the first one: Recipe No.1

My Fire Pot has a 4 L volume. Enough for 5 persons.

First add a thin layer of fat.

Then a layer of cabbage, at least 2 cm thick! The Cabbage will prevent
the rest of the food getting burned. I added some bacon skins for extra taste &
increased chance of heard diseases.....

I add more cabbage....and bacon!

And sausages.....

Cholesterol is just a myth...right??

Ok, I add a LOT of sausages!

Cut two kilo of potatoes in thick slices.

And put them over the bacon/sausages.

Use spices as you please. I like rosemary for this dish.

Celery and carrots.

Now let the whole thing simmer over a (smaller) open fire for 2-3 hours.

If I could I would make food like this every day!


Ready do dig in!

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