Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coping With Cold part 2

Paper is awesome!
It is an excellent insulator and you can protect yourself from hypothermia by stuffing balls of paper under your clothes. Especially vulnerable areas like feet and genitals need know what I mean.

I wanted to see if I could keep myself warm with an improvised sleeping bag made out of a large plastic sack and a lot of paper balls (Liberated from a paper recycling container)

You can use leaves and debris instead of paper, but paper was easier to get by than dry/clean leaves.

I`m what?

Like a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly...or something

First things first: I create a thick layer of debris as isolation to lie down on.
I put the tarp over to keep my isolation to scatter.

After one hour: Its comfortable warm. I managed to shuffle most
of the paper under my body.

After 2,5 hours..

After 4 hours it is time to check the temperature.
I use a meat thermometer to check my "core temperature".
It is minus 9 degree Celsius at the time.
Comfortable 20 degrees Celcius

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