Friday, January 20, 2017

Here Comes Mr. Crowbar!

"No, I am Mr Crowbar. and this is my friend who is also a crowbar!"

-Rick and Morty

"I think every gentleman should at least own one crowbar"

-Mr. Krzystof Lis co-author of Domowy Survival

Looking for a sturdy, all purpose tool that can double as weapon?

Get a crowbar!

Apart from the obvious, the crowbar has many uses a survivalist is looking for in a tool that is indestructible.

It can serve as:

- digging stick

- glass breaker

- wire cutter (together with a club)

- puncturing gasoline tanks (to collect fuel in a container below the tank)

- puncturing boilers (to get to the drinking water therein)

- bashing in a many zombie head.

Just kidding with the last one, but the crowbar is so popular in survivalist circles mainly thanks to video games, films or books like "The Zombie Guide" (Yes, I read it. It`s good fun.)

I bought mine 7 years ago and has seen some use, buying quality pays off. ALWAYS.
A generic Stanley crowbar, I chose it because of its relative short length
and because the ends are perpendicular to each other. This means it lies flat and
can be easily concealed on my person...or in general: Easier to store.

Also: It gives a better grip when....well.....the dead rise from their graves etc etc etc

Of course I always wear goggles....I`m nearsighted!


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