Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kelly Kettle Hack No.1

Last spring we went for a bike ride for a weekend and I wanted to surprise my wife with some camp cooking above the ordinary. But unfortunately I forgot the pot set for my +KellyKettleUSA at home and my ambitious plans for cookery were reduced to the usual freeze dried misery.
My trusty Kelly Kettle, going strong for 7 years now.
But during our trips second day I had an idea: Why not take some string...heat resistant, taste neutral and food grade...and thread the pasta on it?

Turned out to be a great idea:

I only filled my 1,6 L kettle 1/3 before I added the pasta.
The pasta is evenly distributed in the kettle.
Slowly pulling out... meter of al dente pasta!
A real gentleman can serve a decent penne & pesto anytime, anywhere!
I added dental floss to my EDC after this: It can also be used for fishing and sutures.

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