Saturday, January 14, 2017

Off Grid Cooking With The Haybox

Cooking with a haybox is something my grandmother taught me.

A hay box is a box filled with hay in which you can let a  soup, stew or other simple dishes simmer for hours using only the foods own heat to end the cooking process. That is thanks to the hay`s great insulation qualities.

My grandmother would prepare a meal, boil it for some minutes and then put it in the haybox. When they returned home from cleaning fish, repairing nets or tending the small field they had, they would have a steaming hot meal: Ready to eat!

This method of cooking clearly has its benefits in a SHTF situation where fuel is very limited..or you don`t want to be outside and exposed to nosy neighbors inquiring/jealous eyes.

In this case I want to make rice pudding in an improvised "haybox" using: A simple cardboard box and shredded paper!

I chose the Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove for the job:
It`s the only Hobo Stove in production capable of heating/carrying a normal household pot.
You can make a relative large meal by just using twigs...awesome stuff!

A cardboard box and shredded paper from the office, you can also just use small
paper balls instead. But the shredder needed to be emptied...

Putting the pot over.

Otzen`s Rice pudding:

2 dl of risotto rice
3 dl of water
Bit of salt
Vanilla sugar.

Put it all in a pot and boil for 5 minutes. 

Add one litre of milk.


Put the pot into the "hay box" in the same moment the rice pudding starts boiling.
Make sure the pot stands on a thick layer of paper.
Cover the pot with paper/hay....

...and wait!

And 4 hours later: Steaming hot rice pudding.
You can make other dishes than rice pudding of course!

Thanks grandma!

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