Sunday, January 15, 2017


SODIS stands for "Solar Water Disinfection" and is a method for the disinfection of potential drinking water. It is widely used in third world countries where little or no fuel is available for disinfection by cooking.

It is simple: Fill a  PET bottle/container with water and set it out in the sun for 6-18 hours.

The UV rays in the sunlight will kill vira, bacteria and parasites and leaves your water safe for drinking

6 to 18 hours?

Yes, I know: That`s a huge difference. But the effect this method of course depends on the amount and intensity of sunshine (hours) you expose  your water to
PET containers are ideal because they do not filter most of the UV-radiation like glass bottles do.

Another factor is the container: Glass bottles can be used, but you need to double the time you expose the water to the sun.

The process can be speeded up significantly if you put the bottle on a solar oven or other reflective surface.
I use SODIS together with Improvised Water Filters to get rid of most particles before disinfecting my water.
SODIS in progress.

SODIS speeded up with the help of a reflective surface/emergency blanket.
"But I read on the internet that plastic bottles release TOXINS into the water when the bottles are heated?!"

Sigh...yes, yes. I heard that one too. That myth has been debunked over and over again: PET bottles do not release Toxins when heated (unless shortly before melting or bursting into flames). In the countries where PET bottles are being recycled (you get money back from the store when returning the bottle) these bottles are not being washed with soap but flushed with very hot water: No release of toxins has been reported yet. But I will admit that bottled water has a higher content of chemicals/bacteria than tap water: This is because the standards for bottled water are LOWER than for tap water:-)

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