Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Fencer

"The Fencer" is/was normally tied on foil handles to prevent it from turning and twisting in the fencer`s hand.

The Fencer is basically a large number of half hitches tied around the handle until they form a tight helix.

Well, not really a foil but the Fencer is great to add extra grip to any handle.
In this case the slick handle of my Indian War Club.
Start with a Constrictor Knot
( One of my favourite knots, I promise to show how its done some day!)

Now you make a series of Overhand Knots.
Nothing to it!
After the first 4-5 knots you can see the helix is forming.
Very decorative...
When you think your Fencer Grip is long
enough you finish with another Constrictor Knot.
Also looks nice on my Zombie War Hammer

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