Monday, January 16, 2017

The Improvised Carrier Rig

This is something I use on an everyday basis: An improvised rig to carry flashlights or radios to have my hands free when it matters. If your radio/flashlight is being caught by something or someone you can free yourself of it by just twisting your body. 

This can also be used to carry knives concealed under a jacket.


A psychedelic pink, arctic sunrise...
See that radio hanging over my left shoulder? That is one heavy lump of a GMDSS VHF.
Its tied to a ca 50 cm (adjustable) long loop

Put your arm through the loop and behind your neck.

Like this...

"You sure you want to do that boy?"

Now a 180 degree turn...

...and a step forward: Ready to escape!

"What do you mean, we are all out of coffee?!"

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