Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Jug Sling

Originally the Jug Sling was used by sailors for the transport of water during water parties ashore.

The knot can hold bottles and jars and never slips, as the knot distributes friction evenly (almost) all the way around the bottle.

I find it to be one of the most versatile and useful knots: I used it for the "advertised" purpose over securing a door knob to securing a cell phone to a kite for Aerial Photography

Oh, and very by the way: I used my Survival Bandana

I choose a very slick bottle with just a diminutive "lip" (or edge) just to
demonstrate how effective this knot is.

Create a bight.

Fold the bight back over itself.

Now you have two loops: Place the right loop over the left.

See this? 

Take this part and....

...place it gently under the left loop.

Then pull it over HERE....

...and pull it UNDER this part.

Almost done!

Take this part...

...and fold it UNDER the entire knot.

Take this part and flip it OVER the knot.

Voila! The Jug Sling!

The knot holds the bottle like a vice.

Now to the endings, I like to use the "bloodknot" for it.
It is a very easy knot to make.

Line the two ends up parallel to each other.

One end up and over.

Behind and down.

Up and...

...IN and down again.

Up, over and in...

And voila! The Blood Knot!

You can adjust the length of a rope/line with this knot.

How it looks when it is finished.

I give it some swings to see if the sling holds.

And it does!
The Jug Sling used in combination with the
Improvised Carrier Rig

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