Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Paracord Snow Chain

This method is used to increase traction of bicycle (or car) tyres on ice or snow. It works best on bicycles with internal gears, since there are no brakes on the back wheel.
I seen pictures on the internet where people used zip ties/fasteners to get the same result but I have never seen it used in real grandparents however used THIS method quite a lot.
And I trust my grandparents more than I trust some meme on the internet :-)

Start by tying the cord to one of the spokes with a Constrictor Knot.

Push a bight (from right to left) between two spokes.

Lead the long end of your cord OVER the tyre and into the bight.
Make it taut.

Now push the bight from left to right, lead the long end of the cord through and pull.

Do it all the way around your tyre, changing from right/left/right...
or left/right/left....depends on how you started.


Pretty no? The cord can be removed very fast if need be.

Testing: A bike ride around Paprocany Lake.

15 km later: Nearly no tear/wear on the cord even though I
used asphalt roads mostly. Had extremely good traction all the way :-)

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