Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Swedish Candle

What is a Swedish Candle:
It`s an upright standing, large log. Cut into 4-6 equally large pieces. You place those pieces slightly apart from each other and set fire to some kindle in the centre of the log. Short time after that log will burn inside-out, ideal for cooking since you just can put a pot or frying pan on top.
Neighbour did a cracking job!
My neighbor has, for some reason, bought a really nice Husqvarna Chainsaw and was more than willing to show what his new toy can do. So I put him/it to work and had him make me 6 Swedish Candles. ( I was supervising his effort by yelling instructions to him and decimate his beer).

"All you ever need for a good party"
My favourite beer and Silesian Sausages...
`nuff said!

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