Monday, January 23, 2017

The Tampon Water Filter

A real man should always carry some tampons with him!

Not only will the possession of these miracles enable him to help a damsel in dire distress, but with tampons he can also:

- dress wounds

- light a fire (check out my article The Blazing Tampon )

- filter water.

Filter water? Yes, that (former) symbol of ruined weekends has extreme good absorption and filter qualities (In fact they are considered to be a Class II medical device by the US FDA ) and will filter out most particles in water.

After filtration you should boil it or treat it otherwise for microorganisms. I like to SODIS (Solar Disinfection) my water when using this method.

First find a PET bottle, it does not matter that the bottle
is dirty: The bottle is the contaminated end of the filter.
Take a tampon.
Come closer gentlemen, don't be shy!
Just put the tampon into the bottle neck and turn the
bottle quickly just to make the tampon wet: The tampon will
absorb the water and expand within a second. This will create
a very effective seal.
Now turn the bottle and let the clean water drip out.
Not the fastest of filtration methods...but still one of
the best.
This is how clean the other end of the tampon is
after filtering one litre of pond water.

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