Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Tent Peg Grill

So you ask:
"Lars, where does this profound knowledge of survival in extremely hostile environments come from? Who trained you? Some wise old man? The military?"

The military?

"Ha!" I`d say "HA! Taking survival instructions from an organization that is calculating its members lifespan in minutes? Noo....even though I used my experience later on in my military "career" it was not the military giving me the experience. They just added to the tools in my backpack!"

"But..where did you get IT from then? Did you live with the Yanonami? Were you a fur hunter on Kamchatka? Living on psychotropic berries and ocelot snouts?"

None of those, my experience comes from the most hostile known to man:

- adverse weather conditions
- financial chaos
- hostile natives
- tribal wars
- mud (!!)
- limited resources 
- riots
- unbearable noise pollution

A place where you have to be quick on your feet, smart and tough:


There you had to learn to survive on a string budget to keep yourself supplied with beer, condoms and rolling paper. 

There I also learned this little hack: A grill made out of tent pegs....preferably other peoples pegs.

(Want a free tent? Go to Roskilde Festival and pick one up...thousands of tents and other equipment are abandoned every year)


The Tent Peg Grill in all its simplicity.
Form a ring, square, parallelogram or trapezohedron...whatever tickles your fancy!
Add coal, set fire to it...
...and we grill!
My legendary zucchini / pepper mix
Oh baby...

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