Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coping With Cold - Living In A Box

In my article Coping With Cold, Part 2 I demonstrate the great insulating qualities of paper by improvising a sleeping bag with paper and a large plastic sack. 

But how would it be to spend a night in the proverbial cardboard box? 

I wanted to find out and taped three card board boxes together with duct tape (which is a essential part of my EDC...more to that later).

Still smiling....

My shelter has the approx. size of a Japanese hotel room...

Why do I suddenly think of claustrophobia??

All in all I used 8 m of duct tape.

I taped extra card board to the bottom of my shelter.

After 6 hours my wife checked up on me..

3 o`clock in the morning.
Outside temperature: 3  °C.
Inside temperature: 13 °C. 

Conclusion: I slept in warmer places/shelters but definitely warmer than under open skies. 

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  1. Great Post - I think we've all slept in warmer shelters but in pinch it will work. Thanks for the testing and the information update.