Monday, February 6, 2017


You probably have seen this on "survival memes": People take fat foods, vegetable oils, crayons and lip balm. Put a wick in it and set it on fire.

I myself fancy to use the rest oil of a tuna can to fuel my Kelly Kettle....

( Link to the post Fish On Fire! )

Back to the lip balm: When I am on/in Greenland I use 1 chap stick a day: The dry, arctic air is pulling moisture out faster than every desert...and chewing dried, salty seal/fish jerky is hell with cracked lips.

I told our Inuit guide about the whole lip-balm-candle-thing.

Here his reply: 

"You see any lamps burning fat or seal blubber?"


"You would, if burning fat would be a good idea!"

Point taken, lip balms are for lips and to weather proof your zippers....or as fire starter.

But hey, here a nice picture just to show you that it works. I took some lose string from my jeans and twisted it into a helix: Now I could use use it as a wick.

I poked a hole into the chap stick and inserted the wick, rubbed a bit fat on it and voila! 

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Here, I show you a nice picture on how its done:

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