Saturday, February 18, 2017

Freezer Bag vs. Condom

When you get into puberty you get hairs in weird places and you spend some years (depending how good your schools sex-ed programme was) being confused about sex, contraception etc etc etc.

Well, as far as I can see the confusion lasts: In Survival or "Tactical" forums Condoms are being discussed with the same enthusiasm as knifes (which tells you everything you need to know about the persons writing posts in these forums) in terms of survival/water storage. APPARENTLY because fighter pilots in 2 WW used them...just in case when being shot down over occupied France.

Joie de vivre!!

So,  because of that, a lot of people are carrying condoms in their EDC or survival gear to store/transport water in.

The questions and answers regarding Condoms in abovementioned forums are borderline funny:

"Is the lubricant poisonous when swallowed?"

(In the age of Cherry flavorred lube I guess that`s a "No!"

"Is the spermicidal the condom is coated in, bad for me when swallowed?"

(Well lad, that depends on how much you want to drink of it.....but have you thought of TURNING the condom of the left side? Now your water will have a pleasant cherry taste.)

Other questions regarding "the right size" and "type" are legion but do not deserve to be listed here.

Anyhow: Condoms are really great. Also in terms of transporting water. But for survival/EDC purposes I prefer the good old Freezer bag.

And here is why:

Transporting water in a condom?! What a waste of a perfectly good contraceptive!

When filled with water a condom "goes" practically EVERYWHERE: Its going to be a large, wobbly sausage with a skin only a fraction of a millimeter thick. That makes it a bit difficult to transport, especially if you do not have a bag to carry it in. Freezer bags have a "form" and really though skin which makes them pretty puncture resistant and easy to transport.

With a bit luck and the proper use of a slipknot you can use the condom to store water a "few times". A freezer bag can be used......"many times more" than a condom.

And last but definitely not least: Freezer bags are made out of food grade PE which makes them suitable for SODIS treatment of your water ( Here`s more about SODIS ) whereas latex (the material condoms are made out of) filters most of the UV radiation.

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