Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Shower Cap Solar Still

The complimentary shower cap you get in hotels is probably on the top-ten of least manly items in the universe.

However: It can come handy when/if your all inclusive vacation in some third-world country, turns from a belly full/brain empty bliss into a living SHTF nightmare.

With the shower cap and the generic bathroom waste bucket you can make a solar still in no time. With it you can turn sea water or brackish water into drinking water.

Fill a bucket with a non-drinkable liquid like sea water. The darker the bucket is the better.

Put a receptacle in the center of the bucket.

Make sure to grab a handful of those of the cleaning Cleaning Lady`s cart
when unattended (or just ask nicely...)

The shower caps lining makes it easy to create
an airtight seal.

Put a heavy object right above the receptable.

And let condensation work its magic.

After only one hour I already have 100 ml. 😁

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