Monday, February 20, 2017

Testing: EDC Container

I found this neat container on Gearbest.Com for 4$ a piece and thought I try it out. I was pleasantly surprised that shipping was for free...and when I received my package 42 days later I found out that free shipping also means "painfully slow shipping". Well, you get what you pay for.

Apart from that I must say I am well pleased!

The containers are made out of air craft grade aluminum.
Am positively surprised about the thickness of the material.

The containers are about 10 cm X 3 cm. A bit to large
to be a part of your key ring,

The thread gave off a soul shattering sound.when I opened/closed
the container . But a wee bit of silicone grease took care of that.

I will test if the container is waterproof.... dropping it into a bucket with water for 3 hours.

Aaaand it is totally waterproof. I don`t know if the silicone grease helped
or not. So yes, I am well pleased! Now I just have to fill it with some equipment.

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