Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Cardboard Solar Cooker

The internet is full with instructions on how to build a Solar Cooker, the range goes from the extreme simple (The "Pizza Box" Solar Cooker) to something highly advanced that looks more like a Hadron Particle Collider than an usable Cooker.

I wanted the Cooker for cooking of course but also for SODIS when I don`t have my ceramic filter or the resources to boil water.

I eventually found a Company  ( CooKit ) who made foldable Soler Cookers out of laminated cardboard.

Awesome! That meant I could have one in my backpack!

Scrolling down the page I found that they offered you a plan on how to build one identical to their product.

If you have a printer you can print out a pile of PDF`s which, when you glue them together, gives a 1:1 template. 

Now you just have to put the template on a larger piece of cardboard (we duct-taped two pieces fine!) and cut along the dotted line.

I printed it all about and then asked Krzystof Lis from the blog if he would like to play with this project as well.

He had the brilliant idea to use a needle to mark the lines of the template on the cardboard so we could use the template over and over again.

Well enough said.

Here some pictures from the first cooking experiment with the homemade CooKit:

Here it is. According to instructions we should have used tinfoil
but used an emergency blanket instead simply because its in my EDC.

Finding a highly proffesional platform for my solar cooker :-)

I keep it simple and put a frozen pizza baguette in the oven. The plastic bag
around the baguette is a baking bag, you can get those in every supermarket.
The bag accumulates heated air around the baguette and shortens the cooking time.

The cheese starts to melt after 20 minutes.

Ready to eat after 50 minutes!
Conclusion: In our climate a Solar Cooker has its limitations, but I find it extremely valuable in terms of killing germs in my drinking water. 

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