Monday, February 13, 2017

The Danish Candle

The Danish Candle is very similar to the The Swedish Candle and the basic principle is the same.

The difference lies in the way of making a Danish Candle:
There are not so many chainsaws to go around in Denmark, so we boring flatlanders use what else is at hand: The Power Drill!

Take a log and the largest drill you have and...

...create a large hole in the side of the log by drilling a lot of smaller holes.

Using the same method: Create a smaller hole on top of the log...

... so the two holes connect.

Take all the sawdust you have from drilling and some smaller twigs.
Set on fire!

The draft creates a hot/large flame,

Keep feeding the fire with small twigs.

I could use some coffee, so I put the percolator over.

Three minutes later.

Use sand to put out the fire.

This is how the Danish Candle looks like after 45 minutes use.

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