Friday, February 17, 2017

The IKEA Hobo Stove

I do not protest to much when being dragged to IKEA: I can get a large variety of scandinavian foods there...and most important, LICORICE!! 

That`s right: Its almost impossible to buy licorice in my Country-Of-Choice and it drives me insane.....

But back to the topic: I found this neat flat ware holder (don`t ask me what its called..It could be "KNYLLA", "BOENK" or "LAGERLOEFF".... I don`t get these names) for around 2 Euro.

My better half was impressed and mentioned something about that it would go well together with our new brushed steel sink.

Ehm, sure honey.

I thought it would make kick ass Hobo Stove and I was right!

A stainless steel cylinder with a lot of air vents.

Cool, this so called "flat ware holder" comes with a grill!

Lets get some fuel in that flat ware holder an see if it lives up to expecatitons.


I feed the Hobo Stove for nearly 2 hours to see if the material can hold.

And it does!

I think it is time...

...for breakfast!

My recipe for porridge:
2 parts water for every part of oat.


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  1. Did it take long to bring it to a boil?
    Thanks for the tip =)