Tuesday, March 7, 2017

EDC: The Survival Monkey Fist

Some time ago I have seen a very nice survival set: It was a plastic ball filled with equipment and then wrapped in a monkey fist knot.
The price turned me off a bit and the badly performed knots (Hey, I AM a Master Mariner...) so I decided to make one myself.
The only real problem was to limit myself to stuff I would REALLY need in an emergency, elsewise I would need a HAMSTER BALL to fit all the equipment I wish I could carry with me.
But hey, I managed and here is the result:

A well performed 14 strand monkey fist.
Damn, I`m GOOD!

I found this ball made out of acryl plastic in the ship`s box with
Christmas decorations: This will do just fine!
The two halves fit tightly together.
Now I just need to fill it with a whole lot of survival goodness!

I`m adding some of these compressed napkins: They can be useful for
Emergency Water Filtration , personal hygiene, protecting against
heat stroke or as bandage.
What is a compressed napkin? Allow me to demonstrate: Take a napkin pellet...

...and add water. It will absorb all water (which makes it great for getting
 water out of hard-to-get places) and swell to its original size.

A cool, wet napkin is just the thing in very hot climates.
Fire: I take a mini BIC lighter and wrap it in around 8 m of duct tape.
Duct tape comes handy for the City Survivalist when it comes to
shelter building.
It`s a bit tricky to balance it all when the ship is moving like this....
Acrylic glue: Always a winner, especially for treating wounds.
I`m a clean freak: So I got to have toothpaste!
Two Stanley blades will do for improvised knifes and as compass.
5 freezer bags to transport and SODIS
Much better than condoms.
SOLAS reflective tape.
Compressed napkins.
A signal mirror.
Wipes for cleaning glasses or disinfection.
A credit card sized Fresnel lens as secondary means to make a fire.
A strong magnet to make a compass
Tinfoil, always useful.
Chloride tablets to disinfect water
And 5 tampons for water filtration , bandage or to start a fire
Now to the tricky part: Making a monkey fist with so many strands and cord
that thin can easily become a stressing affair. But with the help of LEGO
I managed to work my way around that!
Genius stuff: LEGO
And after a short while: Voila! The Survival Monkey Fist!

PS: Yes, I know....I would think twice before I would open the monkey fist to get my fingers on the stuff inside. But that`s exactly what I found appealing in the first place :-)


  1. Hi, I was wondering how you used the lego to make the monkey fist as I struggle with it.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,you take the object you want to wrap in a monkey fist and build a cage of lego around it,as small as possible:-)