Monday, March 20, 2017

How My Swiss Tool Saved My Daugthers Life

I think that, for a great part, the fascination with EDC comes from a deep rooted desire of "saving the day" and win the admiration of all girls in the room by whipping out just the RIGHT high-in-demand item in a crisis situation. The unlikely odds doesn't stop most of us: Wearing equipment heavy cargo pants rendering us semi immobile (and get weird looks at social events) ...because hey:
I own a multi tool too: It`s great, by white clad tech-monks in a secret Swiss research facility in the Reduite somewhere. And so heavy and expensive that I never care to carry it with me. So it has a comfortable life as conversation starter on a shelf in our living room.
That's one heavy lump of Swiss beauty.
BUT I actually saved my youngest daughter from asphyxiation last summer using that said multi tool:
My hopeful spawn managed to shove a piece of crayon up her nose, so large in fact that it would not come out again.
The crayon reacted with the mucus in her nose and became extremely slippery and impossible to grab.
Every attempt to get it out just shoved up more, the crayon started to dissolve and the slime started to block her airways (my wife called the ambulance right away before it managed to get so far) so I asked for the Swiss Tool because it has a slim set of pliers with a good grip etched onto the tip.
And the only thing I could think of at that moment (tunnel view and all).
And I got it! It was probably very painful for her but I got that f...g piece of murderous crayon out of her before something could happen I rather NOT think about.
Trust me: That "happy" face of mine
is a shock reaction.

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