Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Roper 5 - The Girl In the Trunk

I frantically checked if other people had heard the yelling.

L. was frantically operating the pumping handle of the spray bottle with Ammonium Hydroxide.

"You want to spray her with that?!"

"Just if she`s hostile!"

Ammonium Hydroxide was what L. used on the Russians earlier, I guess "Russian Acidhead" had a new meaning now.

"Hey Dickheads! I can hear you! Spray me with what?!!"

"Dude, she`s just a girl and her hands are tied behind her back" I said.

Suddenly a series of grunts and curses were audible from the Beamers spacious trunk.

"Quick! Open!" L . said holding the pressurized pesticide bottle ready.

I tried but the trunk did not open.

"Shit, I try from the drivers side!"

I found the little discrete lever and pulled and just managed to look back when the trunk popped open.

I know it sounds weird: But I fell in love with her when her right foot came flying out of the trunk in a graceful, powerful ark and connected with L. Solar Plexus.

If I was a samurai I probably would have written poems about that kick: Like cherry blossoms in the summer wind, fragile yet monumental.

L. flew back with an unarticulated "UARGHH" sound  and disappeared out of view.

A furious, dark skinned girl came jumping out. The gag only half hanging from her face and her hands now in front of her. I have never seen someone so angry and tried to back out but was stopped by the open drivers door.

She followed me around, furious and not the least bit scared. Holding her hands out in front of her.

"YOU! Get those off me NOW you fucking bastard or I will SCREAM!"

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