Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Roper 3 - The Russians 2

I somehow managed to drive the car in a steadily fashion and must have been in a kind of drone zone: I drove over 200 km in utter silence and we were approaching the French border.

I decided it was time for a little chat with my best friends and took the next exit to a smaller truck stop where I brought the Mercedes to a halt at a remote corner.

"You ok?" L . asked and I swapped his hand away as he tried to pat me reassuringly on the shoulder.

I decided it was a good time to have a fit.

"I don't know L. maybe its because we have been on the run for the last days or the fact that I nearly got gutted by some Russian asshole. My balls got stepped on, there was shooting and you ask me IF...I...AM...OK?!"

He held his left hand high at his shoulder in an "IEEEEE...Spiders!!" gesture and clearly did not know what to say.

"Maybe a bit of fresh air will do you good?"

I gave up.

"Sure, sure...fresh air! And what on earth are you eating??"

L. held something in his grotesque right hand that looked like a loaf sized candy bar.

"Some protein bars I found on the back seat, I think they are Russian or something...here have a bite!"

He said and waved the bar in front of my face.

"God grief man, you don't know what they put in there!"

"They taste ok" he said as he left the car.

I starred out of the front window and for a second played with the thought of just leaving him here, running away and build a new life. Selling the car and live as orange picker somewhere warm. A nice, simple life. Good hard work, wine at evenings, chirping cicadas at night and a gentle, understanding woman with whom I...

"You are coming?"

But it seemed that I was stuck with this involuntary violent idiot savant.

"Yeah sure, coming"

He sat on the Mercedes trunk at was busy rolling what, hallelujah, looked like a doobie.

We sat a moment, smoked, watched the traffic go by. Hitchhikers singing and playing guitars. Families with wailing kids having breaks. You know, people with normal problems.

I missed having normal problems.

I passed the doobie to L.

"Well, at least it can not get  worse than this... I think."

He nodded.

"True, true."

"But, where do we go from here. What are we doing?"

A voice coming from under my ass said with cold, barely restrained anger:

"Well, maybe you idiots could let me out of here...for starters??!"

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