Friday, March 10, 2017

Testing: The Shelf Life Of Dry Yest

I bake buns in the weekends, nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning and it is good for the kids to see how things are done / where food comes from

I keep 50-60 packages of dry yeast together with the "real yeast". The dry yeast of course is a part of my stocks for emergencies but I use it before the best before date.

I wanted to see what dry yeasts REAL shelf life is compared to the best before date, so I took three packages over their best before date and baked some bread. The remaining two packages will be used with 12 months interval.

The yeast ("Drozdze" is polish for yeast) best before date 09.2015

One package gone

Yes, I AM lazy...kneading is not my favorite part of baking.

Magic happening here.

Im revealing one of my secret recipes here: Last years dried tomatoes from our garden 
in olive oil, chili and basil.

Stored like this the tomatoes have a shelf life of..errr..unkown.

Adding the good stuff! Adding olive oil to the dough gives a very
heavy bread: Challenge for our friends...The yeasts.

The olive oil will make the dough very heavy....and the breads flavor will put tears
in an angels eye.



Putting everything in place.

Kneading bread without messy fingers? Black magic it is!!
No, just water on your hands.


Looks and smells good!

Tadaaa! Even though the yeast was over one year out of date and the 
dough was very heavy, it still did the job!
Next test: 10.03.18!

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  1. i have to try this receipe. Good test. Thx.