Monday, March 6, 2017

The Cardboard Solar Cooker Part 2

I wanted to see if I could do some more "advanced" meals with the then heating pizza baguettes with The Cardboard Solar Cooker 

 So this time I try with rice!

To cook rice I needed a smaller cooking pot and then "blacken" it so I would get the most effect out of the sun.

 The smallest I had is a small KK Pot set, I did not wanted to paint on it with a marker so I taped blackened paper on it.

Cooking Rice with a solar cooker: I take a blackened pot and put it in a oven bag.
I usually use a rice/water ratio of 4/6.

After 2 hours the rice is ready. Good thing about solar cooking is that you
can not burn your vege, rice or pasta.

Next dish: Greek Grill Cheese with tomatoes and garlic.

Wrap the cheese in tin foil and put the whole thing in a baking bag too.
I use grill cheese to see how fat, heavy items react to be cooked in a solar cooker:
It turned out to be just fine!
So, one healthy eco-friendly meal: Rice, grilled Halloumi and Kefir with Sambal Oelek.
Oh, and water from a local spring close to my house

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