Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Highwayman Hitch

The Highwayman(s) Hitch (or "Dick Turpin Knot") is a slip knot but has the advantage that it will not loosen when the load carrying end gets slack. So if you need to release a lot of weight safe and FAST this is the knot for you!
Legend has it  that this knot was used to tie the horses legs together.....which sounds implausible and a great way to get kicked in the head by thy pissed off mount.
Anyway, W.E Fairbairn taught this knot to commandos during WW2 to "secure a prisoner".
Follow the steps on the pictures and you will be able to tie that knot in no time.....even if you are a representant of "Generation Yotube" and not able to process non-predigested information: You can do it! 



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