Friday, March 24, 2017

The Tinder Rasp & The Tinder Cloth

In my article The Survival Bread I demonstrated how bread can be made from rasped tree bark

Later it turned out that the flour / rasp was excellent as tinder. Then, some while ago I made The Torch by wrapping waxed cloth around a stick.

I had some leftovers from said cloth and had the idea to put the tinder on the cloth to see what happened: Turned out that the combination of both is a really good fire starter!

Rasp tinder + waxed cloth =
Total Success!

In the picture: DIY tinder rasp, rasp, was cloth and a flint striker.

The wax cloth fulfils two functions:
a) It keeps the tinder dry from the moist ground
b) It keeps the tinder burning for up to ten minutes
Here I make tree flour / tinder with the tinder rasp.
The rasp will be collected in the jam jar.
How the lid looks like: Check my article The Survival Bread
on how I made it.
That`s a whole bunch of tinder / flour!

Enough talk! Let`s set fire to it!

Works every time!

After 5 minutes: Lots of time to carefully feed the fire.

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